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City status bid

We are aiming to be the UK's newest city. Towns have been invited to bid for the honour as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Next year will be one of celebration for the whole country. In 2022 Her Majesty the Queen will mark 70 years as reigning monarch. As part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, towns across the UK are being invited to bid for city status.

Middlesbrough Council is leading a bid to have the honour bestowed on our town.

What we need to do

This is an exciting opportunity to show off Middlesbrough’s strengths and explain how city status would give us a boost for the future.

The government sets out clear guidelines for the evidence we must provide.

Our efforts must concentrate on our application, which will be judged against those from other towns.

Government ministers will recommend which town or towns should be given the honour. The final decision is made by the Queen.

What the city status bid will focus on

It’s going to be a fun process.

We get to talk about Middlesbrough’s distinct identity, civic pride, heritage, history and traditions.

We’ll also detail our record of innovation – from our industrial beginnings right through to our present day digital pioneers – and our vibrant and welcoming community.

We will set out Middlesbrough’s Royal associations and proudly look back on previous visits from the Royal Family.

Albert Park, Middlesbrough

A walk through the trees on a glorious day in Albert Park

We also have the difficult job of narrowing down a list of notable figures from Middlesbrough who have made significant contributions to society.

There will also be a focus on statistics, like our population and economic activity.

The bid will highlight our green spaces, sport and leisure facilities, and our close links with the voluntary sector.

That’s a lot to cram into roughly 20 pages!

How you can get involved

As part of the bid we can submit up to 50 photographs. The guidance states they should be of places within the area that would be the city centre.

We’re inviting residents and businesses to submit photos of the area from Albert Park as far as Middlehaven Docks as part of our bid.

You’re also very welcome to send personal stories and suggestions for other sections of the bid to

We need to submit the finished bid by early December.

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