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Located within Middlesbrough's historical quarter, this 140-seater restaurant features a performance stage and a 30-foot bar and private dining area.

At this eatery, you will travel the globe on a culinary journey, whilst being entertained by fantastic musicians and dazzled by a mixture of world class theatrical performances in stunning surroundings.

Bloom creates an incredible experience taking each and every guest on a culinary, musical and theatrical world journey, from the menu to the stage.

Bloom’s food offering promises to create a gastronomical storm, roaming across five continents and bringing together the finest ‘hero’ dishes from around the globe. To produce their menu, Bloom’s chefs truly delved into the foundations of continental culture, and explored the detailed elements of their cuisine, their eating rituals and how they enjoy meals.

Whilst the food certainly sounds exciting, the interiors are by award winning designer, Julian Taylor are equally compelling. From the private dining room, to the huge spectacular bar, the deluxe velvet booths and mezzanine floor that overlooks the stage – it looks like nothing else in the area at the moment.

Diners can expect to sit back and relax with indulgent plates as they are entertained by a mixture of immersive musical & theatrical performances on the purpose built show hall stage. The entertainment schedule will feature plenty of variety over the course of a week, ending with a relaxed Sunday lunch service soundtracked by live musical acts.

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