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The Empire

The Empire is one of the country's finest nightclubs

Built in 1897 as a music hall, The Empire is one of Middlesbrough's cultural and social centres

The Empire has played host to a variety of performers including Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, The Scissor Sisters, The Arctic Monkeys, and Kasabian.

Opened in 1897, it’s one of only three surviving theatres designed by Ernest Runtz and is one of the oldest entertainment venues in the North East.

Following constant substantial restoration, it is working successfully as a live music and performance venue with its much-loved proscenium arch stage and iconic original features remaining the focal point over 100 years after their installation.

Since he bought the venue in 1991, Barry Faulkner has transformed the derelict building into one of the country’s finest venues and nightclubs.

The Empire retains all its former glory with three floors dedicated to style and music.

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