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The Nuthatch

Since Middlesbrough’s Bedford Street was redeveloped, The Nuthatch has become a destination

Classic drinks and unique, curated cocktails at one of Middlesbrough's favourite bars

The Nuthatch cocktail bar has always done things a little bit differently – long before Covid-19, customers booked ahead and were offered table service as standard.

It’s never been crowded – you won’t see groups jostling at the bar, and the space between tables has been increased since the pandemic.

“Things didn’t change too much for us upon reopening after the lockdowns,” said Simon Hatfield, from the Nuthatch.

The Nuthatch

“Our focus has always been on producing the best drinks, and making sure our customers enjoy themselves.

“They love the atmosphere, it’s relaxed, people enjoy coming in and having a conversation. We often cater for small groups of friends or for date nights.”

Since opening five years ago, the bar has continued to evolve.

It distils its own gin – the only made in Middlesbrough, Simon believes – which is used in its drinks and sold in bottles, and it has recently taken delivery of an impressive new distiller proudly on display alongside the feature bar, and contemporary decor.

The Nuthatch also embraced a zero waste ethos, making many of its own ingredients including liqueurs and syrups for cocktails.

The Nuthatch - Middlesbrough

During the lockdown, it also launched a delivery service – with customers embracing the chance to experience the Nuthatch’s ever-changing cocktail menu for special occasions.

And while the Nuthatch team regularly mix up the range of drinks it offers, there are some favourites.

Its chilli mango mojito has been a regular since the bar opened, while the amaretto sour – usually blueberry and cherry – is often on the menu.

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