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Burgerlicious is more than just a burger joint.

Burgerlicious is more than just a burger joint. Opening its doors on Linthorpe Road, the new restaurant is reimagining the humble burger – and what’s more, owner Adnan Masood is so passionate about bringing his new concept to the town, that he’s made Middlesbrough the flagship restaurant.

A native of Manchester but now a proud Middlesbrough resident, Adnan explains why he chose Middlesbrough to start his burger empire:

“There was nowhere else on the cards for me for our flagship restaurant, it just had to be Boro. The relaxed burger-bar vibe that you get in places like East End London and Manchester –  I wanted to bring that to the centre of Middlesbrough. No-one is doing it here, and we’re different to the usual chains that people might be used to.

“We could have gone anywhere but we’re really passionate about the area and want to see it thrive.”

Adnan came to Middlesbrough to study Law at Teesside University. He then met his wife and is now proud to call Middlesbrough his home.

“I came here to study law. It’s a while ago now but I always really liked being here. I then met my wife who is born and bred here, I ended up staying and starting my businesses, but this is the first food business I’ve opened. We wanted Middlesbrough to be the ‘home’ of Burgerlicious, then we’d potentially like to open more across the country.”

Burgerlicious is about tasty, made to-order food that is sourced in the UK, and Adnan uses local suppliers wherever possible. Being affordable is also really important to the brand.

“Our aim is to provide the people of Middlesbrough with a memorable experience.

“Our food is made with love and we want people to feel that passion when they bring their whole family to our restaurant. We understand that the world is changing and the way people consume food and manage family time is also different.

“People may want take out instead of eat in with us – that’s fine, we can do that. We’re conscious about adapting to the needs of what people want, things are different now. We have to be flexible.

“Our menu has something for everyone including vegan and vegetarian options but really we’re all about providing Middlesbrough with the juiciest, freshest smashed prime-beef and chicken burgers on the grill. Our fries are amazing too and we’ve got loads of topping choices meaning you can create your own burger masterpiece. Our message is ‘burgers, chicken and fries like you’ve never had before’. “

Adnan wants people to make their trip into the centre of Middlesbrough not just a stop off for food, but a whole experience.

“We want people to enjoy a great meal with us and then think ‘you know what, let’s have a look at some of the shops or have a drink or coffee at Baker or Bedford Street’ which is just a few blocks away. It’s about enjoying the place we live in and supporting what we have here.”

“We’ve been working on the interior with local designers Cocoon and Bauer to bring a smart vibe to the traditional burger bar concept – I can’t wait for people to see it. We’ve got lots of space for families to enjoy spending time together. We’re not about fast-food burgers, we’re so much more than that.”

Burgerlicious opens on 10 January 2022. To view the menu head to their Facebook page.

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