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Level X, through a child’s eyes: Youngsters review new Middlesbrough venue

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Level X has proven a big hit since it opened at Captain Cook Square earlier this year.

Boasting the UK’s first interactive, electric karting track with power-ups and virtual ‘weapons’ to slow down your opponents, you can spend hours exploring the massive two-floor venue.

Alongside karting there’s Gutterball bowling, Virtual Reality zones, state-of-the art family golf and dozens of arcade games.

While Level X becomes adult-only later at night, targeting groups of friends who want to mix a few cocktails or beers with gaming – it welcomes the entire family during the day and you’ll often find the venue filled with young people.

And we wanted to know what they thought of it, so we’ve asked a host of youngsters their opinions.

Here’s what they had to say:

The first thing you notice as you walk into Level X – aside from the friendly welcome you get from a staff member helping people check in – is the huge bank of arcade games.

Amelia, aged 7, from Normanby, said: “My favourite part was where the games were in the middle. I like playing ice hockey against my mam, and I also had a go on the motorbikes which were lots of fun.

“We had some food which was really nice and I also got to go on the mini golf which was good.

“It was a bit hard for me but I got used to it, and I loved the colours. I didn’t win though my uncle did, he was really good.”

Level X in Middlesbrough

Rory, aged 8, from Linthorpe, took two trips to Level X – for bowling and VR one day, and to play  pool on another.

Here’s what he said: “The VR headsets were dead good – once you put them on you forget where you are and just get into the game. It was absolutely mad, me and my dad played on a game where we had to stop alien spaceships from stealing our cake.

“There were loads of other cool VR games there too that I’d like to try, but I have to be older for some of them.

“Then we played bowling. I got a spare. I really liked the balls with the numbers on, I chose number 8 because that’s how old I am. My dad won but it was pretty close.

“When I went back we played pool. The table was really good and we got our cues and some chalk so we could play. I loved it.”

Rory, 8, enjoyed Level X

Rory, 8, enjoyed Level X

Sophie, 12, from Redcar, said: “When I first got there I was surprised as it was bigger and better than I was expecting.  Me and my friend Maisie went on loads of good games.

“We were proper screaming on a virtual reality King Kong game when these huge spiders were landing on us. It was scary but good fun.

“I also really liked spinning round on the bumper cars and bumping into the other cars.  The go-karts were my favourite, they slayed! I loved racing against Maisie and my brother.”

Charlie, 13, from Acklam, said: ““I have heard people talking and saying different things about Level X, so before I went I didn’t really know what to expect.

“We went bowling, played pool and got a decent score on the basketball arcade game though sadly there wasn’t a prize for that!

“We played an arcade car game which got competitive but was fun.

“There is a lot more to do like the go karts so I will be going back again. Everyone looked like they were having fun and it was a good atmosphere with lots of stuff to do for all ages.”

A driver on the unique electric kart track at Level X

A driver on the unique electric kart track at Level X