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New year, new you? Nah – ditch the gym to eat and drink instead

New year, new you?

Let’s face it, it’s less than a week into January and you’ve already given up.

I usually start my January with a vague resolution to get back to the gym and start bringing something ‘healthy’ to work for dinner.

I vow that the excess of the festive period is over.

But this year? I didn’t even bother starting.

Instead, I’m making a different kind of New Year resolution.

I’m going to keep enjoying Middlesbrough and its fantastic food and drink businesses like it’s December, and ensure I try to support them through a difficult part of the year.

It’ll be an effort to drag myself away from the telly, but when the prize is a treat not a treadmill then I reckon I should manage it.

Umi Japanese Restaurant and Bar - Middlesbrough

Umi Japanese Restaurant and Bar – Middlesbrough

Obviously, January is a difficult month for lots of us – especially in Middlesbrough.

Inflation is through the roof and the massive increase in the cost of living has us all feeling the pinch, especially after all the expense of Christmas.

But I’ll be trying to find a few quid down the back of the settee to help those businesses who will be in a similar tight spot.

So if you can afford it, then head into town and see what’s on offer. If you haven’t eaten out for a while, it might surprise you.