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Bottled Ocean

A thought-provoking global exhibition from artist George Nuku that explores what the world could look like a century from now

Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

9th April 2022 - 30th October 2022


Imagine: it’s the year 2121 and the world has changed. Due to the effects of global warming and climate change, the polar ice caps have melted and Earth has flooded. Plastic is everywhere. It’s in the water, the sand and coursing through the bloodstream of every lifeform.

In this thought-provoking exhibition, artist George Nuku explores what the world could look like a century from now if we don’t change our relationship with the world and our use of plastic.

The exhibition is a unique collaboration between artists and audiences and uses over 4,000 bottles collected from organisations and households in Middlesbrough. Local community groups, schoolchildren and families helped to create the jellyfish, coral reef and fish.

The installation, made from plastic bottles, is an enchantingly beautiful underwater seascape, with life forms that have been forced to adapt to the dominance of plastic.

Admission to Captain Cook Birthplace Museum is £4 (adults), £2.50 (children / concessions) or £10 for an Explorer Pass (2 adults and 3 children and includes free repeat visits throughout the season).