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The Art of Autonomous Serenity exhibition by Carol Shaw

View a brand new exhibition from a talented local artist.

14th September 2023 - 13th October 2023


Head to the Heritage Gallery at Cargo Fleet Lane to view the latest exhibition from artist, Carol Shaw.

Reflecting on the exhibition, Carol said; “I have lived in the North East of England all my life and the diverse landscape has had a profound impact on my art.

“I love painting wildlife and the local area has offered a wide range of animal life to paint and study; from the wild Yorkshire moors with its hares, to the foxes in Guisborough walkways, right down to the coastal beach donkeys. They are all my go to subjects.

“I am a qualified art teacher and I have been lucky to work with children and develop their artistic skills. I am now concentrating on my own art and have been enjoying developing different media as I concentrate on my own art practice.

“As a “people watcher”, I enjoy the interaction between people, especially in social environments, hence my cafe paintings. I strive to achieve the emotional connection between people and their pets through my paintings trying to capture emotion and the bond between.”

Free entry