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Rory McLeod

Enjoy an evening of live music from this talented act.

Toft House

28th October 2023 - 7:30pm - 11:00pm


Ex-circus clown and fire eater, Rory is a one-man soul band, poet, storyteller, singing his own upbeat dance stories. He is a modern, travelling troubadour using tap shoes, acapella, harmonica, guitar, trombone, spoons, finger cymbals, bandorea, djembe, and various percussion instruments.

Rory is unique and original. No comparisons can be made!

“Immerse yourself in the vibrant and emotive words and music of Rory McLeod and you will certainly feel most pleased to be alive!” (Beat Magazine, Melbourne)

“Rory McLeod is a rare, unique and beautiful talent, and “Brave Faces” is a true reflection of what he does. You ought to see him live though…” (Alan Rose, Living Tradition)

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